Future Restaurant Group is a boutique hospitality management and consulting company focused on providing unique drinking, dining, arts, entertainment, community, hospitality and nightlife experiences that reflect our core principles of quality, authenticity, originality and passion. Established in Las Vegas, NV in 2004.  our concepts include the award-winning Downtown Cocktail Room, Emergency Arts, The Beat Coffeehouse & Records, Inspire Theater, Inspire News Café, 365 Tokyo, The Roof, Second Floor Lounge, Wayfarer Bar, Scullery, The BOOZERY, PORK & BEANS, Downtown container park, Fremont east district, al campo Marfa, Proof of Concept, Mike Morey's Sip'n'Tip, and Oscar’s Steakhouse.  

we are based in las vegas, nevada, but We have a passion and love for Marfa, TX where we RECENTLY OPENED aL CAMPO AND LA PLAYA.  STAY TUNED FOR our new HOTEL BOHEMIO('HOBO') THAT's STILL IN THE WORKS!