With almost 25 years of experience in hospitality conceptual, business development, menu development, management, branding, consulting, interior design and decor, talent procurement, real estate acquisition, and construction, FRG is well-equipped to lead, assist, or manage your next project.  With an emphasis on unique, authentic one-of-a-kind projects, we handle small and large jobs whether the commitment is short or long-term.  The completion, and success of your project is our priority and working within your budget, our goal.  Although continually working on our in-house projects, we always have time for new clients, and challenges. 

See below for just a few of the things we do.



Contracted engagements are a great way to get your project built and opened within budget without giving up equity or having partners.  We have done several such engagements and love to work that way!



A management agreement is a great way to operate your new business with confidence.  Let us know if you want us to operate, or find an operator for you!  We will creatively find the right fit for your project.


BRAND Development

Want to build your own brand?  We have done it, and really like to do it!  A great brand often can create more value than your operation.  Shoot us an email and let us help you develop and launch your brand the right way.